About the Company


The BLASTCOR company is a leading production company in the sphere of design and manufacture of up-to-date high-quality equipment and accessories for surface job.





As we have a long-time experience in design and production of abrasive-blasting, shot-casting and similar equipment, we are able to combine:

  • up-to-date designs created with participation of German professionals,
  • international cooperation,
  • modern production facilities in EC,
  • logistics.

We possess a 20-year design base and our production facilities are certified with ISO 9001:2008.

Our advanced products are for the variety of tasks in abrasive- and shot-blast surface treatment, material separation, vacuum and mechanical collection and transportation of loose materials, airing and dedusting.

The company produces a wide range of products for practically all usages possible.

The main batch production equipment includes:

  • abrasive-blasting machines of pressure- and injector-type machines to treat large-size pieces, which includes machines with a closed flow;
  • stationary purifiers with separation and airing systems for production shops and closed premises;
  • manned shot-blasting chambers equipped with an automated system to collect and separate abrasive materials, with all accessories provided;
  • a wide assortment of shot-blasting machines and automated systems;
  • vacuum systems for all industry branches;
  • compressed air preparation systems;
  • automated ventilation systems;
  • arc spraying devices with PULL and PUSH systems of wire feed.

We offer accessories to protect operators, abrasive-blast nozzles, abrasive-feed valves, including those with pneumatic control, pneumatic and electric remote control, nozzle-holders, quick-split couplings to switch on locks that regulate abrasive material feed, compressed air and abrasive material hoses and so on.

Our equipment is delivered to many countries of Europe, Middle East, Asia and CIS and it proved itself as highly reliable and of high-quality.

We are one of those fewer companies in the world that paints the equipment with a high-quality powder paint, which is our brand mark and which keeps our equipment in a good outer condition for a long time.

All the equipment and accessories of the BLASTCOR company have an extended warranty.

We are certain about our quality!

We design and produce, not just buy and resell!

We offer a complete spectrum connected with equipment choice, project development , manufacture, erecting work, warranty and service.

All equipment is certified in accordance with the CE requirements.

Why we?
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