Vacuum system of selection and recovery of abrasive material BLASTCOR VAC-600

Vacuum system of selection and recovery of abrasive material BLASTCOR VAC-600
25 t/h
2-7 t/h
25 meter
  • Performance when working with nickel slag, copper slag, aluminum oxide, bone, sand
    25 t/h
  • Performance when working with a round bead Ø 0,5-3 mm
    2-7 t/h
  • The maximum recommended distance to move abrasive material
    25 meter
  • Power supply, electric control
    3х380V; 50 Hz
  • The electric motor of the vacuum pump
    18.5 kW
  • Power consumption
    15 kW
  • Suction performance
    600 m3/h with 300 mbar
  • Maximum vacuum
    600 mbar
  • Filter element dust collection area
    10 m2
  • Operation with cleaning of the filter element
    Electronically, adjustable
  • Noise level
    Less than 85 dB
  • Dimensions
  • The weight
    344 kg


The system is designed for loading, unloading and transporting bulk materials with a particle diameter of 8 mm. VAC® system is operated in conjunction with the abrasive material receiving hopper, connectable to the cascade-type abrasive material separator that is installed on the abrasive jet system model BLASTCOR® BM- 200. For long-term trouble free operation of the filter element in front of the vacuum unit is installed cyclone-type separator (to remove fine dust particles). System components are installed on flat surface with a minimal distance from each other. Suction vacuum hoses are connected with quick connection. Abrasive material is poured into a hopper manually (when installing the vacuum system on the surface, designed for abrasive blasting work), or conveyor system, installed in the chamber for abrasive treatment of the products, which is located above the hopper.

The abrasive material is fed through a suction tube on vacuum hose to the abrasive material cascade separator, where step by step it is cleaned from dust and large particles and falls under gravity in to the receiving cup of the blasting installation. The contaminated air is cleared in two stages. The first stage - a stationary cyclone separator, in which is made pre-cleaning of dusty air from large dust particles and dirt. The second stage – the filter element made of polyester, purifying the air.

Abrasive dust particles and other contaminants that are laying on the walls of the filter element are periodically shaken off with a short pulse of compressed air in the tapered receptacle for collecting dust. On the bottom side of the receiver is installed disc shaped valve with “A” tightness class. After the end of the operation cycle and after turning off the vacuum unit, turn the rotary bolt handle and remove the accumulated dust from the conical receiver.

WARNING: The main parameters that affect performance: the length of the suction hose of a vacuum, number of bends and operator qualification.


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