5-8 atm
7-10 m3/min
35 kg
  • Pressure, atm
    5-8 atm
  • Compressed Air Consumption, m3/min
    7-10 m3/min
  • Mass, kg
    35 kg
  • LBH, mm
  • Output, t/h
    up to 4
  • Suction line length, m
    no more 30
  • Feeding line length, m
    no longer than 10
  • Suction hose diameter, mm
  • Feeding hose diameter, mm
  • Warranty, months
  • Producer
  • Blastcor Vactrans Device
  • Transportation Box
  • ∅ 100 mm feeding hose, 10 meters
  • ∅ 63 mm suction hose, 30 meters
  • Quick-split set
  • Adjustable head
  • Application-dependent head
  • Operation Manual

The Blastсor® Vactrans is a reliable, small-size and efficient device to collect and transport up to 40 meters the abrasive and other loose material used, clearing them from fine-dispersed dust and large particulate materials up to 20 mm.


The use of Blastcor® Vactrans pneumatic installation offeres many advantages. The Machine works only on compressed air and consumes 7-10 m3/min developing the pressure of 5-8 atmospheres. No other energy sources for Vactrans is necessary.


The machine has well attested itself as to its qualities at sandblasting jobs when equipped with additional systems for collection, storing and separation abrasives and other loose materials from fine dust of various origin (sand, coal, cement), glass beads, wood chips, pits, high-silica sand, nickel slag, copper slag, granite chips as well as from chiped steel and casr-iron shots.

The Blastcor® Vactrans proves a reliable alternative for electric vacuum systems (industry and building-site vacuum cleaners) in cleaning from building waste the construction sites, buildings and structures as well as in transporting off various siftings and granite chips of the diameter up to 20 mm. Reinforced concrete and asphalt mixing plants have used it for removing sub-soil waters from construction pits, for moving reinforced concrete of 20 microne size up to 40 meters. The Blastcor® Vactrans is ideal as a pneumatic transporter to move, dry and out-load grain at threshing-floors and granaries as well as in other spheres.

Operation principle

One only needs to connect the transporter to the compressed air line and to connect it to suction and feeding hoses. The suction hose with an installed head is inserted by the operator into the heap of the material to be collected, the feeeding hose head is to be in any suitable vessel of such a material.

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