up to 80 m2/h
1000 l.
8.3 atm
  • Capacity,m2/h
    up to 80 m2/h
  • Bunker Volume, l.
    1000 l.
  • Pressure, atm
    8.3 atm
  • Compressed Air Consumption, m3/min
  • Pneumatic piping
    1 1/4"
  • Mass, kg
  • Dimensions, mm
  • Number of operators
  • Silencer
  • Coalescence filter
  • REMCON® Remote Control with a Control Key and a 20 m TWIN hose – 2 sets
  • SANDSTURM®-P pneumatic-controlled lock for all abrasive materials, 2 ps.
  • Cam-Lock quick-split coupling set to switch on the compressed-air hose
  • NHP-2 nylon nozzle holder, 2 ps.
  • Pressure Vessel Certificate 
  • Operation Manual

The Blastcor® BM-1000 RC high-volume abrasive-blast installation is for longer abrasive blasting jobs without abrasive reloading. Jobs can be done by two, four or six independently working operators. The Blastcor® BM-1000 RC high-volume abrasive-blast installation is reliable and efficient owing to a large abrasive material store, which saves time to reload the machine and do blasting jobs at vast spaces.   The abrasive vessel is designed for working pressure of 8.3 atm. with the compressor producing 16-48 m3/min depending on the number of installed abrasive batchers. Each model can be delivered either as a stationary one or with an undercarriage. Each operator post is equipped with a pneumatic (hose length up to 40 meters) or an electric (hose over 40 meters) Remcon® remote control that makes it possible that each operator starts or stops the job independent of other ones. The large volume Blastcor® machines are normally equipped with Sandsturm®-P pneumatic controlled batchers used for any abrasive materials up to 4 mm. All Blastcor® machines have a 50-litre coalescence filter that removes practically all oil and moisture from the compressed air fed into pressure vessel. Standard-wise, the installations are equipped with an automatic cutoff valve that reliably locks the loading bowl when the installation is under pressure. The loading bowl is protected from rain and pollutants with a lid installed on a rubber sealing. When used on construction sites, the Blastcor® BM-1000 RC high-volume machine installed on a chassis can be quickly moved around the uneven terrain. The chassis have brakes, a torsional suspension, back lights with stop-light and trafficators.


Thanks to its high technical features the machine is ideal for use in shot-blasting chambers, at maintenance and construction of automobile and railway bridges, in petroleum-refining plants, oil storage plants, shipbuilding plants and dockyards. Large Blastcor® machines are safe, efficient and most durable in the abrasive-blasting market.


The Blastcor® BM-1000 RC abrasive-blast machine is equipped with a SANDSTURM® universal abrasive batcher that makes it possible to use any abrasive of the 0,1-4,00 mm size – cast, chopped, cast iron or steel shots, marble or granite aggregate, glass beads, alumina, silicon carbide, fused alumina, mineral slags (copper and nickel), as well as other abrasives available for abrasive blasting jobs.  


    Инспекционный люк
    Blastcor® BM-1000 RC abrasive-blasting machine has an easily opening inspection window for an access to internal parts. 
  • Coalescence Filter
    Коалесцентный фильтр
    Blastcor® BM-1000 RC large volume machine is normally equipped with a high-efficiency coalescence filter that removes moisture, oil and other contaminations from the compressed air piping that feeds air into the pressure vessel.
  • Compressed Air Silencer
    Глушитель сжатого воздуха
    The Blastcor® BM-1000 RC large volume machine is normally equipped with an outlet silencer which reduces the outgoing air noise level when the machine gets depressurized and which  catches abrasive particles in the air stream. The latter prevents injuries of the operator. The outgoing air is passed through the silencer. After a complete depressurising of the machine the abrasive material can be safely removed.
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    Два пневматических дозатора абразива
    The Blastcor® BM-1000 RC shot-blasting machine includes two high-efficiency pneumatic SANDSTURM®-P batchers for abrasives. The machine is equipped with a specially designed  high-efficiency SANDSTURM® portion control valve. The latter device has an increased through diameter of the 28-mm rubber or polyurethane pipe in the abrasive feeding part, which makes it possible to finely regulate the abrasive feed, irrespective of its nature and size, from glass beads of several micrones in diameter to chipped cast-iron shots and granite up to 4 mm.  The rubber or polyurethane pipe in the abrasive feeding lines guarantees the interruption-free work of 12 or more months. The polyurethane pipe considerably increases the life-time.   The  SANDSTURM®-P metering valve proves an innovation design that is reliable, simple and easy to maintain.  The main feature of the device distinct from market availables is an increased through diameter to allow a larger volume of abrasive entering the mixing chamber, which increases the efficiency with the increase of the pressed-air volume fed.   The  SANDSTURM®-P metering batcher employs the pneumatic control to open or shut the lock, thus economizing up to 40% of abrasive thanks to a complete stop of abrasive feeding when the air is stopped. It also allows the operator to blow off abrasive particles from hard-to-achieve places. All that saves up to 30% diesel oil when used compressors with diesel engines. The SANDSTURM®, as a plus, allows to feed the abrasives into the mixing chamber under the angle of 45°, which makes it possible to achieve the maximum efficiency when abrasives of different nature are used.
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