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Largest sandblasting equipment manufacturer in Europe.

The BLASTCOR company is the largest sandblasting equipment manufacturer in the European part of the continent. We possess a 20-year experience in manufacturing and up-to-date designs and we produce modern high-quality equipment and accessories for sandblasting, abrasive and shot blasting surface treatment, material transportation and collection, industrial dust control, thermal spraying, ventilation and dust-removal.

Our innovation techniques make it possible to solve a variety of problems, and they are used in practically all industrial spheres. We offer a large spectrum of services to design, produce, deliver, montage and warranty service. Every piece produced is certified in accordance with EC requirements.

Our equipment is delivered to many countries of Europe, Middle East, Asia and CIS and it proved itself as highly reliable, high-quality, easy to use and easily maintainable.

We are sure about the quality of our equipment because we ourselves produce it!

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